April Music Blog

Two Door Cinema Club

I found these guys thanks to NPR’s world cafe. They’re Irish but that have more in common with LCD Soundsystem, Phoenix and !!! than any Irish band I’ve ever heard.  They’ve been in my 6-changer  non-stop for the last few weeks and the first recommendation to all of my friends.  Check out two free tracks over at NPR!


The Strokes – Angles

If you have yet to checked out Julian Casablanca’s 2009 solo effort, Phrazes of Youth, I recommend you get on that before listening to angles.  Here’s the video for 11th dimension, from that album.:

This new Strokes album is fun.   A couple of the tracks hearken back to the sound of their classic 2001 Is This It, while the rest of the album is  a remix of the strokes we knew, and the new face of Julian Casablancas (as seen on his solo project and other random pop-songs). Here’s the first single from the album, I dig it.

LCD Soundsystem’s Last concert

Pitchfork was covering this like crazy a couple weeks back – they went so far as to even put the entire 4 hour concert (with arcade fire) on youtube.   It’s gone now, sadly.  Luckily i managed to rip it before it went into internet dust.  If you need just a little more LCD before you say goodbye , check out the photos here, and their most recent album (a  sort of a re-imagined best of)  The London Sessions.


If you live in Houston, this is the new up and coming local band to check out.

I got a hold of their 5 track demo a few weeks back and cannot stop listening to it.

The sound is just raw enough, to really show that these guys are here for the music.  The tracks run the gamut from party rock (Ghetto Barbie), to Uncle Tupelo-esque roots rock (Most of All) ,wrapping up with a haunting rock ballad (Ghost Town). You can check them out on the internet here, and next weekend (May 1) in austin at the Red Eye Fly.


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